Communication &Electric Constructions manufacturer

Communication constructions &Electric power constructions manufacturer,line facilities and wire fittings manufacturer,Electric tower hardware manufacturer

He Bei Zhong Xu Communication Equipment Co.,ltd 
is a professional science and technology enterprise integrating R&D, Manufacturing and distributing telecommunications line products, electrical hardware, electric iron tower  and electric line components related facilities.
We have a wide range of Production lines including Galvanized Steel Wires,Galvanized Steel pipes, galvanized iron wire, steel wire ropes, steel strand, cable hooks , galvanized plastic cable hook, wire rope grips, Wire Rope Clamp, wire rope fittings, galvanized hoops, galvanized clamps and fasteners, Safety protection and preformed fittings series, galvanized Thimbles, Electric power assemblies, steel strand ,handling tools, Single groove clamps, double groove clamps ,Wood poles, wire rope thimbles, galvanized shackles, Parallel Groove Clamps, Parallel Groove Grounding Clamps, guy anchor, ground anchor, Rigging Screws, wedge sockets, tension clamp, strain clamp, dead-end clamp, galvanized brace band, band clamps, galvanized steel bracket, power insulator, galvanized optical cable bracket, CROSS ARM BRACES, cable ball hook, steel hoops, electricity Warning board, Cable protection pipes, Manhole covers, Electric Boxes, cable splice box, block terminal boxes, communication wall pipes, corrugated pipes, protection pipe, manhole cover, strain clamp, copper&alumimum terminals, stock-bridge damper, cable Line pulley,etc
We are specialized in optical communication facilities, such as ADSS,OPGW,OPPC cable fittings, researching and manufacturing pre-twisted line hardware.
We always focus on creating national brand as our responsibility since we established, and devote ourselves to the development of the communications industry and electric power industry.